9th-12th grade

Sunday Evenings  •  6 – 8 PM  •  Youth Room

6th-8th grade

Sunday Evenings  •  6:30 – 8 PM  •  Youth Room


9th-12th grade

Sunday Evenings  •  6:00 – 8:00 PM  •  Youth Room


6th-8th grade

Sunday Evenings  •  6:00 – 8:00 PM  •  Youth Room

Our Vision

We want to equip students to:

Live like Jesus

Through biblical teaching, activities, and thoughtful discussion.

Love like Jesus

Through building community with each other and with caring adult mentors.

Go like Jesus

Through experiencing what mission looks like in everyday life, regionally, and internationally.

What to expect

  • Large group activities
  • Student-led worship
  • Relevant teaching
  • Interactive small groups
  • Seasonal events
  • Missional experiences

Building a foundation in 4 areas

1. Identity in Christ

Knowing who you are in Christ, having confidence that He loves you unconditionally and has a plan for your life.

2. Personal Disciplines & Calling

Being confident in what you know about God and your faith and being able to grow spiritually in your faith and serve others, using the gifts and abilities God has given you.

3. Faith Community

Creating authentic relationships with other Christians, both peers and adults, and recognizing that you play an important part in the life of the church.

4. Your Future

Becoming ready and equipped to go where God leads you in the next phase of your life, growing in and living out your faith, while also seeking out godly relationships to encourage and challenge you.

Nine Core Insights

  • Design of God’s creation
  • Identity based on God’s image
  • Connection because of God’s love
  • Faith in God’s Son
  • Transformation by the power of God’s Spirit
  • Truth according to God’s message
  • Restoration through participating in God’s story
  • Compassion that reflects God’s character
  • Community in the context of God’s family

Hi, I’m Matt!

All kids need the same thing, someone to show up consistently in their lives. Growing up is hard and kids at every phase need adults who will show up predictably and consistently over time.

In middle school, kids need someone to show up so they know someone knows them now. In middle school life turns upside down. Similar to the toddler years, life change is happening at an expedited rate and emotions are pushed to their extremes. During this phase my desire is to be a predictable presence in the middle of their changing reality. I long to show up to demonstrate to them they are worth knowing and showing up for.

In high school, kids need someone to show up so they know someone will be there when they need them. One of the greatest myths that we could ever buy into is that high schoolers don’t need or want adults. The truth is, they don’t think they need adults when things seem to be going well. But inevitably there will be days when they do need someone. And the only way to be there when they need someone is to prove that we care about them even when they think they don’t need us. I desire to prove I care to them and continue showing up when they push away so they know I will be there when they need to talk.

As the Director of Family Ministries at New Hope, I have the privilege of showing up for students, parents, and families consistently. During these important phases, I would love the opportunity to demonstrate how Jesus loves your student as they (and you) navigate this phase of life together. Our desire is provide a safe environment where students can learn about Jesus, wrestle with the difficult questions of life, and have fun. I look forward to seeing you soon!